Guide on forming the Individual work plan

To create an “Individual plan” you should use the “Individual plan” (Индивидуальный план) item in the navigation menu of the application “IMS / Portfolio” (ИСУ / Портфолио).



You’ll see the form of creating your individual plan (see figure 2)

Here you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Thesis title (Тема диссертации) approved at the Meeting of the Academic Council.
  • Date of adoption (Дата утверждения темы) — date of Meeting of the Academic Council, which had approved the thesis.
  • Number of the approval protocol (Номер протокола утверждения) — the protocol of the Meeting of the Academic Council.
  • Abstract from the approval protocol (Выписка из протокола) — you should attach a scanned version of the abstract from the approval protocol mentioned in the field above.
  • Explanatory note for the subject of the thesis (Пояснительная записка к выбору темы) — brief abstract about the subject of the thesis (5-7 sentences).
  • Foreign language (Иностранный язык) — foreign language, which will be studied during the program.

To create a plan you should click the “Create” (Создать) button.


Once an individual plan is created, you will be automatically directed to the view page of the plan.


The minimal plan of research work will be automatically filled according to educational standards of ITMO University and midterm attestation procedure.


To fill the educational component of the plan you should go to the “edit” page of the plan by clicking the Edit (Редактировать) button.


To add courses of your choice, you need to click the Add discipline (Добавить дисциплину) button. A popup window of the course selection will appear.


When discipline from the list is selected, click the Add (Добавить) button. You will see the message of successful addition.


The procedure must be repeated until the message about the shortage of credits disappears:


Under the “work plan” (План работы) section is one for editing the “research plan” (Научно-исследовательская работа).

Using section 1, you can select the academic year that you want to edit.

To add a new entry you need to click the Add row (Добавить строку) button, it is marked on the picture 7. You must specify the result type of research activities (2), status of publications (only for articles) 3, the number of results (4). To delete records, you need to mark them using (5) checkboxes and click Remove selected (Удалить выбранные) (figure 6).

Save the changes performed on the Save (Сохранить) button.


After filling the plan you should click the Submit for approval (Отправить на утверждение).