Поступление в аспирантуру 2024

Приемная кампания в аспирантуру Университета ИТМО открыта.

Документы можно подать дистанционно!



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Программа "Искусственный интеллект и машинное обучение" в аспирантуре ИТМО!

В аспирантуре Университета ИТМО с этого года появилась новая программа «Искусственный интеллект и машинное обучение». Поступай уже сейчас!


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29 января 2024 года

the Congress of Young Scientists

Dear PhD Students,

as you know ITMO annually organizes the Congress of Young Scientists. FLTC also participates running the session ‘Science and Innovations: Going Global’(section: Economics and Innovations).

‘Science and Innovations: Going Global’ aims to share scientific achievements and innovations, emphasizing the importance of global cooperation and communication.

We will discuss successful case studies, projects and initiatives and identify potential areas for collaboration and development.

Participants will share their own experiences and ideas on the topic, contributing to a dynamic and engaging discussion in a foreign language.

We also treat it as a MOCK conference - a platform for students to test their presentation skills in English.

Languages are English (for students having classes in B1.2-C1 English groups) and Russian (for international students studying Russian).

?????? We offer 2 formats of participation - a pitch and academic presentation.

?? You as a participant will have a scientific article written and published [https://kmu.itmo.ru/static/scientists/25/1] (Congress’ Proceeding is indexed in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index).

For 1st year PhD students taking part in the Congress equals getting credit for the Discussion Forum in the Spring semester.

?To participate, you must have your thesis statement written. The template and all related documents could be found here [https://kmu.itmo.ru/static/scientists/10/congress]. After submission all thesis statements will be checked by moderators.

You can apply for a consultation at Academic Writing Lab if you are not certain about your English of your text.

Any questions can be sent to

PhD English Course Coordinator, Iusupova Tatiana tsiusupova@itmo.ru

FLTC Session Chairman, Sigaev Artem artemsigaev@itmo.ru