There are two possible ways to enroll in PhD studies at ITMO University:

1. On the basis of a scholarship (quota) from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Application deadlines and conditions change every year. For more information about the scholarship, please visit

If you get the scholarship, there are no entrance exams and tuition fees.

Additional information about scholarship.


2. On a fee-paying (contract) basis

If you are applying on the contract basis, you have to register on ITMO Admissions, fill in an application form, and pass two entrance exams – your specialization’s exam and a foreign language exam (English, French or German).

In both cases, you should start by choosing your specialization and finding a suitable supervisor. If you experience any problems in finding a supervisor or can’t find one by yourself, you can email your CV to us at and we’ll help you.

A PhD degree at ITMO University implies full-time study. If you decide to apply to study for free within the Ministry of Science and Higher Education quota, you may be given a scholarship for your studies with a preparatory year for studying the Russian language. Alternatively, you will need to study Russian as part of your education program. We also have courses and PhD programs in English. You can write your research papers and defend your thesis in English.

We will also need the following documents for your enrollment:

  • A scan of your passport (ID) and its translation into Russian;
  • A scan of your Master’s diploma and its translation into Russian;
  • Your full name in English and Russian.